How to Increase JVM Memory in Helical Insight Application?

Hi Team Helical,

Helical Insight is giving slightly slow performance. I want to increase the performance.
I would like to increase the JVM memory allocated to the application. Please advise how that can be done?

Thank You

Kindly follow the below mentioned steps for Helical Insight which is hosted on Linux server

Please download (287 Bytes) and extract it.

Open this file in a text editor. Based on the kind of hardware that you have allocated to Helical Insight server you can make the required changes in the file.

export CATALINA_OPTS="$CATALINA_OPTS -XX:MaxPermSize=2048m"

The memory mentioned here in numbers is in terms of MB.
The first line is minimum JVM allocated, the second line is maximum JVM allocated and the third line is the default.

Based on the kind of RAM present in your server you can accordingly increase all the three lines.

The higher the memory you are able to allocate better the performance you will be able to see.

Once you have made the changes please save this file “” at the location “C:\Program Files\Helical Insight\hi\apache-tomcat-7\bin” and then restart the server.

If you login as admin then on the home page you will be able to see the increased memory configuration.

Then make sure to restart HelicaInsight application. Restarting the application generally take a bit time.

You can restart the service by running the following set of commands. Please note that all the above commands must be run with sudo permissions.::

service HelicalInsight stop

service HelicalInsight start

In order to increase JVM memory of Helical Insight application which is hosted on Windows below are the steps

  • Go to “C:\Program Files\Helical Insight\hi\apache-tomcat-7\bin”. The path might be different in case if you have installed somewhere else

  • Search for a file called HelicalInsight.exe. If this file is not present then search for a file tomcat7w.exe and rename it to to HelicalInsight.exe

  • Then double click on it and go to the “Java” tab of the opened screen.

  • Here as shown in the image increase the memory allotted in the initial and maximum as per the hardware available with you.

Then make sure to restart HelicaInsight application using services.msc. Restarting the application generally take a bit time.

Thank You
Team Helical.