How to Disable Dashboard Loading Popup Window?

Hi Team,
I am using Helical Insight 3.0. We have built multiple dashboards which clients are using. While the dashboard is loading a popup multi modal window comes which I would like to disable. How can something like that be done?

Thank You

Hi Shwetant,

Open the “serviceloadview.jsp” file. The location of the file would be something like below.
C:\Program Files\Helical Insight\hi\apache-tomcat-7\webapps\hi-ee\WEB-INF\jsp

Search for “hdi-blockUI” and comment out the entire div i.e. line 148 to line 169. Now refresh and the loading screen will not appear.

Thank You
Helical Insight Team.

Note: The solution given above is for dashboard only. Whereas if you would like to disable the popup screens for adhoc reprots (while being created as well as viewed) please follow the below link.