Data for sample reports in postgress compatible formats

Hello Team,

I am using Helical Insight EE 4.0 RC2. I have already migrated the application database from derby to Postgress. Is it possible for you to share the SQLDump in Postgress format so that I can use and my sample reports can also work fine?

Thank You

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Hello Lero,

First of all you can download the SQL dump for postgress from here. (35.2 KB)

Migrating: All the metadata of sample reports are present on these folders marked in yellow

A. First you will have to load the data in postgress and make the connection from postgress. In case if you load it into some other schema other than public schema it will not be visible on the frontend. in that case you might find this link very relevant

B. Create the database connection from the datasources page to postgress

C. Open the metadata in edit mode and change the connection. Derby does not have concept of catalog, but Postgress does have it. So accordingly you will have to make the changes there. After making the changes save the metadata

Thank You
From Team Helical