Data excel export at dashboard level

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I am using Helical Insight 3.1. Most of my users are using dashboards. I want to give an option to an end user so that they can export the data (in excel) form of individual reports at the dashboard level. Right now the excel export at dashboard level is taking a snapshot and exporting it. This is especially useful when I have implemented the cascading at dashboard level
Can you help me with the solution?

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Hi Marc,

Below are the steps to deploy

Helical_Excel (8.6 MB)

  1. Download the above zip file. Copy all 6 files from the folder “Libraries” into the backend Helical Insight server location of the following path. Some of the files you may need to overwrite :


  1. Copy the “excelFile.jsp” into the below path :


  1. Create a new folder in the hi-repository with the name as “hwf

Path of hi-repository generally is :…\hi\hi-repository

Copy “ExcelAdhoc.hwf” file into this newly created hwf folder at the backend.

  1. Restart the tomcat server.

  2. Now for whichever reports you would like to enable this excel data export while you are creating the report apply excel customization as shown in the below image.

To enable the Excel Button Customization option please follow the below 2 steps
Step 1. Please download the (3.9 KB) and place the file in the mentioned below location
Step 2. Please download this image excelExport (excelExport.png) and put the same(image name should be same) in the below location
You can see the result in the below image

  1. Click on the customize then click on excel then finally click on the generate icon.

  2. When the above script is applied an “Excel” button will appear on the report. This will enable you to export the data into Excel format for any kind of chart / table / crosstabular as well.

Here is the outcome result

NOTE: If you are using view to create the reports, and those views are having comments then this excel export functionality might not work. Make sure that you have removed any comment etc from the view.

Thank You
From Team Helical.

In continuation of the above provided solution, there was a small issue identified with the above solution wherein the excel export still showed all data and not filtered out data. Please refer to this link wherein that solution has also been further provided.