Cross Origin issue when viewing with mode=dashboard

Hi Team,

Using Helical Insight 3.0 - I am testing something on my localhost, and connecting to Helical Insight on one of our servers. I am using an iframe to embed a report.

For example:

<iframe id="helical-report" title="Report" src="http://dev-m1:8085/hi-ee/hi.html?mode=dashboard&j_organization=NCL&j_username=ncl_admin&j_password=ncladmin&dir=1557253062225&" class="HelicalReportViewer__iframe___4UjFe"></iframe>

It ends up getting stuck like this, because there is a javascript error

However, when I set the mode=open instead of mode=dashboard it works fine. I need to use mode=dashboard so that I can remove the top header blue bar. I have also already enabled cross-origin in web.xml. Please help me with a solution for this.
Thank You

Hi Shwetant,

Follow the below lines

In ajax.js file (path is “\hi\apache-tomcat-7\webapps\hi-ee\js”) go to line number 129 and comment out the below code.

/*else if (wnw.parent.flux && wnw.parent.flux['notification']) {
wnw.parent.flux.notification.actions.addNotification({'notifType':payload['type'],'notifText':payload['message'], 'reqParams':payload['reqParams'],'data':payload['data']});

Then save the file and refresh/check in a private window. That javascript error will not come now.

Thank You
Helical Insight Team.

Please refer to this blog for fixing CORS in latter versions of Helical Insight