Cross origin issue

Hello Helical Insight,

I am using helical insight 4.1 GA version. I am trying to embed helical insight created reports and dashboards into another product but it is not becoming visible. Please help.

Thank You,

Hello Snow,

Seems like this is a cross origin issue. You may have to enable cross origin and test once. Steps for doing that web.xml from the below path

  1. uncomment the lines 36 to 67. And uncomment the lines 170 to 180



  1. Restart the server

Please check in firefox and chrome. Note that chrome and safari have some additional security settings, hence they only allow iframes when they are coming from secure place (hence helical might also have to be on HTTPS ) whereas firefox does not require that. Hence please have helicalinsight server on HTTPS. There are more chances that it will block javascript content as compared to normal content.

There are places wherein you can also purchase free HTTPS certificate and deploy it.

Note: Here at line number 51 in web.xml we have written * which means the helical insight server will take requests from anywhere. In case if you would like that it should take some specific requests from any specific portal that can be mentioned here. This is specifically useful when we are using helical insight report in an embedded environment and it should open when requests come from that specific parent app only. This is for additional enhanced security.

Thank You,
Helical Insight.