File browser throwing error

Hi Team Helical,

I have migrated from older version of Helical Insight to 3.1 GA version. However when I click on file browser it throws the below error
file browser consistently giving this error " Error: TypeError: n.slice is not a function
url:, line: 3, column: 9759 (TypeError: n.slice is not a function)" - only when opened via home page it is working fine

Thank You

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Hello Riwim,

This seems like a configuration issue and setting.xml file of the older version is being used here. Open setting.xml (path would be …\hi\hi-repository\System\Admin). You can go to line no 372 and change it to from


To below


Then restart the server and it should work fine. If it still does not work fine please implement this solution also mentioned on the below URL.

Thank You
Team Helical