Y2 axis not visible on dashboard

Hello Helical Insight,

I am using Helical Insight 4.1 GA. I have applied Y2 axis on my report. It is working fine at the report level. However, when I place the report on the dashboard, the Y2 axis is not visible. What is causing this issue and how can it be resolved?

Thank You,

Hello Kajipe,

This is a know bug and shall be fixed in the upcoming versions.

As a work around, please follow the below steps:

  1. Open C3.js file located at …/hi/apache-tomcat-9/webapps/hi-ee/js/vendors/

  2. Search for the following text:


  1. Change this text to:

“y2”===t?(e=a.axis_rotated?0:n.width – 30

  1. Save the file and reload the page.

Y2 axis will appear.

Thank You,
Helical Insight.