Value based background color in table

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I want to have background color to a column based on the value present in that column, in a tabular report. How should I acheive this? I am using Helical Insight version 5.1

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Hi Sesa,

You can have this feature by writing custom js.

Below is the sample code:

let el = document.querySelectorAll('.hreport-table table tbodytr');

let index = 0;

el.forEach((item) =>{

if(index !== 0){

let row = item.querySelectorAll('td:last-child')

letreqText = row[0].querySelector('div')

if(reqText.textContent> 0 &&reqText.textContent< 9500){

row[0].style.setProperty('background-color', 'green', 'important');

}else if(reqText.textContent> 9500 &&reqText.textContent< 15000){

row[0].style.setProperty('background-color', 'orange', 'important');


row[0].style.setProperty('background-color', 'red', 'important');



index ++;


In the above given code we are setting background color of a column to green if the value in it is greater than 0 and less than 9500 ,and orange if the value is between 9500 and 15000 , and finally red if the value is greater than 15000.

Final Output :


You can change this codition based on your requirement.

Where to write this code :

Step 1 : Hover on the 3 dots present beside the visualization . You will have a dropdown , In that select Operations.

Step 2 : In Operations click on the Post Execution and there you will find the space to write js Code.


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