Using nested JSON objects in MongoDB to create reports

Hello Helical Insight,

I am using Helical Insight 4.0. I have connected to MongoDB via Apache Drill. I am able to see the collections and objects. However, I need help to view the data within a nested JSON object. What are the options available and how to use them?

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Hello Sesa,

You can traverse nested JSON objects using the dot (.) notation.

For example, let us say, below is the structure of your JSON object:

obj1:{ obj2:{ obj3:{key1:data1, key2:data2, key3:data3}}}

You want to view data1 from the object. In that case, you will use:


If your data has array of objects, then you can use ‘flatten’ function.

Using DB functions: In the “More” options, you will find under data type – json and nested data.

In these, you will find the functions key-value, flatten, index, key-value-generation. These functions can be applied to the JSON object to achieve the necessary result.


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Helical Insight.