Unable to Edit Metadata after Migration

Hello Team Helical,

We have migrated from Helical Insight 2.1 to Helical Insight 3.1. When the already created metadata is opened it does not show the selected tables. We have also implemented Dynamic Database Switching. Do we need to create a new metadata?

Thank You

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Hello Priya,

It is the default behavior of the application when we implement DB switching in Helical Insight 3.1 GA and there is no bug as such. Implementing dynamic DB switching is a very custom requirement with code level changes.

In our metadata module, we understand the table name and keep it selected by the information like datasource name, catalog names. If Catalog Name is empty it does not know where does this specific table belongs to and hence is not able to show ticks for selected tables. For implementing dynamic db switching you must have kept the catalog name and schema name as blank.

We have a small work around in order to edit metadata :

  1. Open the metadata in edit mode
  2. Provide the Catalog name then save the metadata
  3. Open the same metadata in edit mode again, now tick marks will be shown on all the selected tables because the metadata knows the catalog names. You can them make any other changes which are required in the metadata
  4. Before saving metadata remove catalog name again in order to make DB switching work and save the metadata.

Thank You
From Team Helical.