To pass multiple column values into drill down report

I have created tabular report in Helical Insight application version 4.1 GA. On click of some column value I want to pass multiple values as filter to drill down report. Currently it only passes selected or clicked value to drill down. How to pass multiple values. Also note that some of these columns should ideally not be part of the report also


In order to achieve something like this, You need to write / inject custom JS code into your JS editor. Sample code we have given below for your reference :

hi_container.set('postExecution', function(a){
var b = a.get("requestData");
var paramValue=b.filters[0].values[0];//parameter value

var iframee = $('table tbody tr').on('click', 'td:nth-child(1)', function () {
var rowdata = this.innerHTML;
$('table > tbody > tr').each(function(index, tr) {

					var $tds = $(this).find('td');
					var name = $tds.eq(0).text();
					if(rowdata == name){ 
					var course_id = $tds.eq(10).text();
					var email = $tds.eq(11).text()


NOTE : Above code is just sample reference example. It will not work as it is. You need to change your drill down report/ dashboard URL in the text after Filter / parameter names, variable names as per your data and your use case.

Using CSS or column width property, those columns which are not required can be removed.

Thank You,
Helical Insight.