The folder/file FILENAME doesn't exists error when save the metadata

It reports the error “the folder/file FILENAME doesn’t exists” when save the metadata.

Hi Bill,

Can you please share your Helical Insight application log file with screenshot of the issue?

How to find installation log file:

  1. Go to Helical Insight Installation directory.
  2. Find log directory named as “logs”
  3. Find “hi-application” log file

While saving the metadata in Helical Insight application, we have to select folder where to save metadata in the Filebrowser, so it can be used for report creation. Also we have to provide the metadata file name , metadata file name have certain validation like

  1. File name should contain minimum 3 characters
  2. File name should not contain special characters.

After the validation of file name click on the save button to save the metadata.

Helical Insight Team

Hi I have checked the application log, tail -f hi-application.log, but there isn’t any log when it appears the folder/file FILENAME doesn’t exists error. I have token two screenshots, but it’s a shame that the new users can not upload attachments.

Hi Bill,

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. But We believe that users can upload the screenshots either by using ‘upload’ button or simply drag n drop method.
You could also send us an e-mail at

-Helical Insight Team

I have tried again, new users cann’t upload attachements, maybe there are some limits such as size of attachment for new users? I have sent the screenshots to the support email.
Thanks for your reply.

Hi Bill,
Thanks for sharing the screenshots. While saving the report, we have to select folder which is already present or we can create new folder in the filebrowser. To create a folder, follow below steps:

1 Right click on the Empty folder area

2 Upon right click, you will get the context menu as shown below, click on the New folder to create the folder and give the folder name.

3 After folder creation, select the folder to save the metadata.

4 Give metadata file name in input box persent below the text Metadata filename.

5 Click on the Save Metadata.

This will save the metadata in the folder you have created and same metadata can be used for report creation.


  • Helical Insight Team

Hi experts:
The reply really has sovled my problem, thanks very much. By the way, i also build and deploy the version from the github and find that it’s difference with this version. I cann’t find the place to create my reports, just see some guides on the Reports page. Could you tell me where can i create the reports with version THX.

Hi Bill,

Helical Insight Community Edition does not have the feature to create report using Adhoc interface i.e. the drag n drop method. You will have to create reports using the EFW method. Refer the following link for creating EFW reports Helical Insight Community Edition

To know the difference between Helical Insight Enterprise version & Community Edition, refer to this link

Helical Insight Team