Support for DuckDB

Hello Team,

I am new to Helical Insight and currently it exploring for my organization, I would like to know that does Helical Insight support DuckDB as backed databases ? mainly I am looking for querying large set of parquet files over object storage for analysis & canned repoting.

Thank you,

Hello Niraj,

We support various kind of DB, however duckDB has not been tested so far. But our datasources has an option called “Add Driver”. Via this option you can upload any custom JDBC driver and use that to create reports. Hence you can also upload JDBC driver of DuckDB and can start using it
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Hi Niraj,
Happy to inform that, as per your request, we have made our product fully compatible with duckdb also.

Check this link to learn how you can use Helical insight with duckdb : How to connect Duck DB to Open Source BI Helical Insight - Helical Insight

From version 5.2 of Open Source BI Helical Insight, we are providing direct support of DuckDB within Helical Insight