SQL Query execution

Hi Helical Insight Team,

I am using Canned report interface to generate reports on Helical Insight GA
Enterprise Version. I am getting following error when I execute the query.

Error: Throwable: Code: 43. DB::Exception: Illegal type (String) of 2 argument of function and: While processing (INSURER_NUMBER IN (‘14900’)) AND ‘1=1’. (ILLEGAL_TYPE_OF_ARGUMENT) (version (official build)).

Thank You,

Hello Sesa,

This error is seen when there is some wrong setting in Listener options of parameters in the datasource page.

Please refer to the article on Setting for listeners in Canned Report. Since there is 1=1 , it looks like there is a dynamic parameter. For such parameters, in the Listener settings of parameters add “(“ and“)” brackets for open and close respectively.

Helical Insight.