Sorting in date

Hello Team,

I have a line graph with a dimension, measure and date.

When I attempt to sort by date, the line graph only displays one day with no value.

Attached is a screenshot before I sort by date, and a screenshot after I sort by date.




It looks like the date column is in text format. On the left side based on the icon we can see what is the datatype.

By applying dbfunction, if you convert date column data type as DATE and then apply sorting, then it works perfectly in chronological order

You switch to Grid Chart and use Marks option to switch to line chart. The chart will appear in chronological order as shown below. Please use only Table or Crosstab or Grid Chart or More Charts only.

Further, if you want to sort on any other visualization, you may use sorting option next to the field name.

1. Option 1

2. Option 2

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