Share Data source for new user created via SSO

Helical team,

I am using SSO in Helical Insight 4.0. I am passing information about the data source for each user in the token. Whenever a new user is created, I would like to share the corresponding data source with him by default with Execute Only permissions. Is there a way to achieve this?

Thank You,

Helical Insight has a robust APIs that can be used to share the datasource connection with the user.

You can find the list of APIs in the API document available at:

Page no. 304 onwards, you will find the list of APIs for sharing.

Alternatively, you can also use Java code in order to implement sharing as shown below:

//for datasource share

String formData = "{\"type\":\"dataSource\",\"id\":\"890\",\"classifier\":\"global\",\"dataSourceProvider\":\"tomcat\",\"share\":{\"user\":[{\"id\":\"9\",\"permission\":\"0\"}]}}";

ServiceUtils.execute(“core”, “share”, “update”, formData);

//for folder share and revoke.


Here, it is important to note the id or the user and the corresponding permission level.

The user id is the unique identifier of the user in the system.

There are 6 permission levels (from 0 to 5) in Helical Insight. These are:

  • No access
  • Execute Only
  • Read Only
  • Read + Write
  • Read + Write + Delete
  • Read + Write + Delete + Share

It is always recommended that datasources be shared with Execute only or Read only permissions.