Sequencing of stacked bar chart datapoints

Hi Team,
We are creating STACKED BAR CHART in adhoc report module of Helical Insight application. We want that the stacking should happen in exact same order as the way we drag and drop columns. Currently even after changing any order of dragging and dropping, generated STACKING is remaining hard coded of some fixed order. Can you provide solution on this ?



In order to keep order of stacking same as order of dragging and dropping of columns, please open the file c3.js located at “…\hi\apache-tomcat-9\webapps\hi-ee\js\vendors” in any text editor. Search for TEXT data_order, you will find a property with that name whose value will be set to “desc” please replace this desc with “null”. Save the file. Now clear browser cache and application cache of Helical Insight application and check in private/incognito window of web browser. You will find your expected result.

Helical Insight.