Save Selected Columns in Tabular Report

Hello Helical Team,

In Helical Insight 4.0 tabular charts, we have the option to unselect columns. But, we are unable to save the report with only the selected columns. In the dashboards, all the columns come up even if they were unselected while saving. We require the report to be saved only with the selected columns and if the user needs he can add the remaining columns from the drop down available.
Please refer to the attached screen shot.


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Hello Netta,

The option for selecting/unselecting the columns at the report view is to change the number of columns only at the time that the user is viewing the report. The changes made are temporary HTML based changes and do not alter the query in any manner.
At the report or dashboard open or read mode, similar dropdown is available where the user can select the columns that he wants to view, giving the flexibility required.
The default view of the report is always going to be generated by considering the columns that have been dragged to the report create area. You may hide the columns by clicking on the “Hidden” option available for the columns. However, if the column is hidden, then it will not be available in the list to select, if some user wants to view details of the column.


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