Restriced loading in metadata of postgress


I am using Helical Insight application and i have connected with POSTGRES datasource. Next step is i want to create a metadata on top of this connection but my postgres database has more than 1000 tables and due to that it is taking time to scroll across tables and find out which all tables i actually needs in metadata out of these 1000. Even search i am using still some times browsers getting hang up and performance is very poor as there are many tables. In this kind of scenario out to create a metadata ?

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Metadata creation is generally one time activity and as you have mentioned because of many tables present in database, you are struggling with creation of metadata. In this kind of scenario we recommend 2 solutions :

  1. Create a database user on your database server itself which is having access of only limited tables which are actually required for creating a metadata/report. Then you need to make your datasource connection in Helical Insight with this DB user having limited and restricted access and not access of all 1000+ tables.

  2. Even if you made connection with db user having full access (1000+ tables) like you have currently done, then at Datasources page of Helical Insight while making the connection (Even you can edit already created connections) restrict the tables, catalogs, schemas exposed at metadata page.

For example in case of table → On the datasources page, edit your connection and click on Advanced and you will see Other Options placeholder. In this placeholder pass filter like ?HI_TABLE=table1,table2,table3 etc comma seperated table names which you need to create metadata out of this 1000+ tables and save this datasource connection. This will restrict the tables to the number of tables which you have passed in COMMA seperated way.

For more details of this refer this blog : Restrict Tables, Catalog, Schema Exposed At Metadata Via URL

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