Reports loading slowly on server restart

Hello Helical,

I am using Helical Insight 4.0. Whenever I restart my server, initially, the loading is very slow and after some time, the reports and dashboards start loading fast. Is there any particular reason? Can you help to resolve this problem? Using Helical in an embedded mode with SSO implemented and at the time of log in a lot of concurrent login happens.


Hello Vema,

By analyzing the logs we saw that the JVM is sort of getting full towards the login as a lot of concurrent login happens at the start. This is leading to slowness in performance. Hence, the performance is slow initially.
Please increase the hardware size optimally based on the number of concurrent users you have.
We recommend starting with a 4 core 16 GB RAM machine with at least 10GB JVM memory allocated for Helical Insight. You may increase based on the performance observed and the number of concurrent users. In future you can also go for a load balancing servers as well.

Helical Insight.