Report opening in edit mode but not opening in read mode

Hello Team,

I am using Helical Insight EE 4.0 RC2. I have created report in which dynamic view is being used. The reason for using dynamic view is I want the filter to be applied only in a subquery. If I use the filter directly at the report level it will get applied at the outside, that is why I have used dynamic view and referencing the filter in that subquery.
But now the problem is that report level is working fine in edit mode but in read mode it is giving errors like below.

My filter expression at the report level is something like below in order to bypass the passing of filter values additionally i.e. one more where clause should not get added additionally at the sql of report outside. I only want one filter to be referenced here, not all the others that’s why I have used below

Thank Yoi

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Hello Tarun,

This is happening because of incorrect filter expression at the report level. Please change that into an expression like below
${0} and ( 1=1 OR ${1} ) and ( 1=1 OR ${2} ) and ( 1=1 OR (β€˜all’ = β€˜all’) ) and ( 1=1 OR (β€˜all’ = β€˜all’) )
So you can see first filter you want to include in the report outer query whose id is 0 it is directly called as ${0}.
The other filters (( 1=1 OR ${1} ) and ( 1=1 OR ${2} ) ) i.e. second and third filter will not come into picture since the OR condition is always correct leading it to get bypassed. So it will not get added additionally into an additional where clause, however in the dynamic view where you have referenced this filterID it will always get that value and execute properly.
Filter id 3 and 4 i.e. ( 1=1 OR (β€˜all’ = β€˜all’) ) and ( 1=1 OR (β€˜all’ = β€˜all’) is an example where if you want to pass all the values to dynamic view but again at the report level you do not want an additional where clause to get added.

Thank You
From Team Helical