Removing Cache Icon From Footer

Hello Helical Team,

I would like to remove cache footer from reports in dashboard designer???
For reference here is the screen shot

Hi Harika,

When we drag and drop reports in dashboard designer, it by default adds cache icon (blue in color) in the footer of every reports as shown in the image which you have shared. In order to remove those icons permanently you can replace below lines of code from “newwindow.css” file located at “apache-tomcat/webapp/hi-ee/css” folder.

Below lines of code is already there in the file :
.cache-footer {
clear: both;
text-align: right;
position: fixed;
bottom: 0;
right: 0;

Replace above code with below lines of code :
.cache-footer {
display: none !important;

Save the file and close it. Reload the dashboard and you can see that cache-footer icons will not appear in dashboard.

Hi. With the version 3.0 of Helical Insight application the cache footer does not appear at all. While adding the report just be sure that “iframe” mode is disabled.