Remove pagination options, refresh options and other options on table

Hi Team Helical,
I am using Helical Insight 3.1 EE. I am creating a tabular report. I would like to create a report and remove all the unnecessary options like
- the option to go to other pages at bottom
- the option of refreshing and hiding certain columns at the top right
- the icon of ascending descending

Thank You

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Hello Harika,

When you create a tabular report using Adhoc interface then via CSS it is possible to hide all of these options. Create the adhoc report, go to the CSS Editor portion of Editor.
Inser the below code

display: none !important; //removes the sorting icon

.actionBar, row {
display: none !important; //removes the top right refresh and other options

a.button {
display: none !important; // removes the pagination thing at the bottom

Thank You
Team Helical