Remove login success in embedded mode

Hi Team,
I have some question regarding embedding Helical reports. When we pass an authentication token, a “login success” message is displayed. This occurs every time we open a new report or dashboard. I would like to inquire, is there any way to stop this Login Success message on every report/dashboard render?

I am using custom token based SSO method in which the token is being appended in front of the URLs



In order to stop getting this message on every request, you should not pass the token every time along with every report and dashboard url.

Rather Initially create a session of Helical Insight with Base URL as soon as someone tries to access your application where Helical Insight is embedded. You can use below as a reference for creating a session in background :


Once Helical Insight session is created in the background then call the dashboard/report url without appending token again and now you will not see Login Success message every time.

Thank You,
Helical Insight.