Public schema tables not visible in Posgress

Hello Team,

I am using postgres 15.6 with Helical Insight application and i am facing one issue. I have few tables into my PUBLIC schema but while creating a metadata i am not able to see those tables under PUBLIC schema. I can see the same under any 3rd party db client. How to fix this?

Thank you,

Hello ,

Since you are having Postgres 15+ version, there are some different commands required to list down the list of schema, tables inside it.

In order to solve this, We have attached a file called “postgresql.efwd”, please deploy/replace this file at location “....\hi\hi-repository\System\Admin\DbConfig”. Once you deploy this, please clear the cache of Helical Insight application as well as web browser which you are using. This updated file will solve the issue and it will list down tables inside public schema.


Thank you,
Helical Insight.