Postgress metadata search issue

We are using Helical Insight 4.1 GA and we are creating a metadata on top of a POSTGRES datasource which is having a lot of tables (more than 1100+). Now in order to select limited table for adding into Metadata, we are using SEARCH available on top to search table names but it throws errors and doesn’t allow us to search. How to fix this ?

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Search tables on Metadata page works fine with Helical insight 4.1 GA. But it seems that it is not working for you on some specific database because of some special characters or reserved keywords present in the names of tables.
We request you to either check for special characters or reserved keywords used accross databases and remove it OR you can restrict the Datasource connection itself by providing the list of tables which you need and in this case Metadata will list only those tables which are provided in Datasource connection.
Reference for restricting the tables is : Restrict Tables, Catalog, Schema Exposed At Metadata Via URL

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