Postgres private schemas not showing

Hi Team,
We are using postgres database and we want to create report from tables which are present under PRIVATE schemas and not under public schemas. But on Metadata page of Helical Insight application, we are not able to see any private schemas getting listed. How to solve this? I want that any non public schema (even in future also if any schema is added, I should be able to see it).


BY default Helical Insight only shows public schemas. In order to start seeing all your schemas including PRIVATE and PUBLIC as well as any new schemas which you are going to add in future follow the below steps.

Please modify below file :

  1. Open file postgresql.efwd from location “….\hi\hi-repository\System\Admin\DbConfig”
  2. You will see sql as :
    select schema_name as schemas from information_schema.schemata where schema_name in (‘public’,‘pg_catalog’,‘information_schema’)
    Under TABLE_SCHEMA tag.

Remove filtering WHERE condition from this sql and make it like:
select schema_name as schemas from information_schema.schemata

Save this file and clear all Helical Insight application as well as browser cache and again try creating a new metadata, you will start seeing all schemas in the list.

Thank You,
Helical Insight.