Postgres connection not working

I am trying to make connection of my postgres database server with Helical Insight application, but after entering all details and while testing connection it gives error as :
PSQLException: SCRAM authentication is not supported by this driver. You need JDK >= 8 and pgjdbc >= 42.2.0 (not “.jre” versions)

Thank You,

This error you are facing because you are using SCRAM authentication and for that authentication JDBC driver which you are using is not appropriate. You need to use different driver for that. You can follow below steps to solve the error :

  1. Go to location “…\hi\hi-repository\System\Drivers”
  2. You will see postgresql-42.2.5.jre6.jar file at this location.
  3. Delete this file and upload postgresql-42.2.5.jar file at this location which doesn’t contains jre version. You can download postgresql-42.2.5.jar from location :
  4. Refresh your datasources page and make connection again
  5. You will be able to successfully test and save your postgres connection.

Thank You,
Helical Insight.