Passing parameters from one Iframe to another

Hi Support team,

I have created a dashboard with multiple iframes. Is it possible to create a common filter for all these iframes. I tried drill down functions but it does seems to work with iframes.

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Hi Binod,

You can have a common filter for all the reports on your dashboard.

For this, click on the edit button of the report that you want to filter. In the listener section, select the variable name of the filter. Click on Add and add the input parameter.

Ensure that the input parameter is added as a filter at the report level for all the reports that are listening to it.

Similarly, you can do this for all the reports on the dashboard.

Please refer the below blog for detailed instructions.

Please Note: You do not need to use iFrames for the reports unless necessary. Using iFrames will affect performance and each iframe will load individually.

Can you tell me for what use case you are using iframes?

Team Helical

Hi there,

Thank you for getting back to me so soon.

Well, I wanted to design the dashboard using CSS for better look and feel. To integrate the report within a container I found iframe the only solutions to my best knowledge and capacity. If you have any other option please do let me know.
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Hi Binod,

You can disable iframes on the dashboard designer.
The dashboard designer allows you to add custom CSS, JS to each component as well as entire dashboard.
When you add a report on the dashboard, you can right click on it and apply a CSS.
You can use the component ID of each of the components to apply the CSS.

Common CSS can be applied for common classes, as well.

Team Helical

Thank you for your response. I will give it a try.

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Hi Binod,
You can also go through the link to learn more about the right click operations. Towards the end of the article there is information regarding adding HTML, CSS and JS