Pass Multiple Parameters in Drilldown


I am using Helical Insight 4.0 to generate my dashboards. I want to pass the filter values selected at the dashboard level to the child report that opens on drilldown for a tabular report. I am able to see the other columns in the drilldown script, but cannot see the filter values of the parent report in the drilldown script. Can you help me pass the filter values from parent to child report?
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We have made a change in the drilldown script to achieve this functionality.

Download the (5.1 KB) and replace the file that is present at the location:


Now refresh the page and double click on the drilldown customization.

When you click on Add button next to Parameters, you can add the parameters that are present in the child report and corresponding column or filter in the parent report can be mapped here.

You will see the column names in the format “Column_column_name” and filter names in the format “Filter_filter_name”.

Look at the below example.

Here, the parent report is using employee_name, employee_address and travel_cost as the columns Filters applied at dashboard level are travel_medium and booking_platform.

These filters are also applied at the report level in both the parent report and the child report.


When we open the drilldown script and select a child report, we are able to pass all the columns as well as the filter as a parameter in the parameter mapping section.


We can pass the employee_name column value on click event and map to the filter employee_name at the child report level.

Apart from this, we can pass the filter values (that may be used at the dashboard) of travel_medium and booking_platform to the child report as well.

In this way, whenever we drilldown on the dashboard, the filter values selected on the dashboard will be passed to the child report.

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