Pagination in export to xlsx


I have a canned report that need to show 100.000 records, on screen is set up to show with paging, however when using the excel export feature, those paging setting are also showing as blank record on the excel file.

I would like to know if the paging feature can be blocked from the excel file to avoid seeing more than 1000 empty records.

Hello Dina,
We are assuming you are using Adhoc interface and dashbord designer. Below answers are assuming that.
If you are using in canned reporting module please update so that can provide different answer

  • Pagination: Pagination feature only works when you are viewing the report in HTML webpage. At the bottom of HTML webpage you can see page 1,2,3 etc. Hence while a person views the report, our engine keeps on fetching data page by page (using limit and offset kind of SQL clauses) which it keeps on appending on the further pages.

  • Export: Whereas when export happens, it has to execute entire SQL and give that as output. Hence there is ideally no separate option to do that.
    But instead of using default export, if you use custom export may be it can work. Refer to this link : Implementing custom excel export functionality in efw reports - #2 by helicalforum

Hi, I’m using in canned reporting module.

2022-10-07 10_53_18-Window

If in the canned report you want to show only 100 records, then the SQL which you have written in that you can put limit 100. That should solve the problem.
Please try this and let us know. Make sure you delete the cache by logging into admin and then check in private window.