PAGE OF PAGE not working properly Helical Insight Canned Reports (HCR)

Hello Helical Insight Team,

I am using Helical Insight application version 4.1 GA. I have created a canned report and in the footer of every page, I want to show the page x of total pages y.

For example if I have 10 pages then I want to show like Page 1 of 10, Page 2 of 10… to Page 10 of 10. But currently it only shows Page 2 of 2, Page 10 of 10 and not showing correct result. How to fix this?

Right now there are 2 components which when used seperaetly it works fine, but I want to use a single component so that when it is exported in excel format it appears in a single cell only. Problem is that both the variables are having the same name, hence when using both of them together it does not show properly. Reference link : Quick Functions in Canned Reports - Helical Insight

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This can be achieved by following below steps :

  1. Add calculation with name $V{V_CURRENT_PAGE_NUMBER} and with expression $V{PAGE_NUMBER} and take calculation as NOTHING… Then add a text portion and put something like below


And in eval time auto should be selected for that complete text box

This will solve the issue.

Thank you,
Helical Insight.