Ordering on hidden column

Hi Team,
I am creating a adhoc report (TABULAR VISUALIZATION). I have hided a column using HIDDEN COLUMN method of Helical Insight. Before hiding the column, I had applied ORDER BY on this particular column but once it gets hidden order by is not working on the column. Please suggest on this.

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Order by doesn’t work on HIDDEN columns (HIDDEN columns are not part of generated SQL and hence this is default behaviour of Helical Insight application). If you are using TABLE as visualization then rather than hiding column and making it HIDDEN keep column as it is and hide it THROUGH CSS. This will just hide the column from front end and it will be still part of generated SQL and hence order by will work as expected.

In our version 5.0 this functionality will also be present wherein an option “Hide but include in resultset” will be there which can allow you to achieve exactly this.

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