Ordering of Date Filter

Hello Helical Insight,

I am using helical insight 4.0 EE. I have added date filter on the dashboard as input parameter. I have noted that the order of the dates in the filter is not correct. Please help.



Hello Netta,

In our future version we are already fixing this so that the values always appear in chronological order. However for now in order to get sorted drop down data for date filter, follow below steps

  1. open the report in edit mode
  2. Add date column in the report pane, then apply sorting using triangle icon (select ascending order). After that use this column as a filter (on the and add filter from there


  1. Save the report ( you can delete date column from the report pane after adding filter)
  2. Add the report in Dashboard then add date filter
  3. It shows the drop down data for date filter

Helical Insight.