On-Click on change metadata it is showing list of report instead of metadata

Hello Team Helical,

I am using Helical Insight 3.1. In the report edit mode, there is an option under the setting called “change metadata”. On-click of “change metadata” will show pop-up with the list of reports not the metadata. Could you please have a look at the issue.

Thank You

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Hello Marc,

This is a known bug. Since the file browser content is URL sensitive and the file browser is being opened when you are at the report-edit page the file browser is displaying .report files.

What you can do is just open the .report file from the backend on a notepad. From there you can change the path to any other path. Below is how the starting part of .reprot file looks like wherein you can make that change. Inside the file browser, you can right-click on .report file or .metadata file to find out their path and name on the server.

<reportName>Cross Tabular Report Conditional Formatting</reportName>
<location>1463377807724/1463377836985</location> **\\PATH OF THE METADATA FILE PROVIDE OR CHANGE HERE**
<metadataFileName>e9be6771-995b-40eb-a01c-304857a100a1.metadata</metadataFileName> **\\NAME OF THE METADATA FILE PROVIDE OR CHANGE HERE**

Thank You
From Team Helical