Not able to right click and customize the

Hello Team Helical,

I am using a chart in dashboard designer. Since this chart is built using VF I have already enabled the iFrame so that the chart is visible.
Followed this link for the same : VF chart not visible on dashboard level
However at the dashboard designer level the right click operations does not seem to work on that chart. Hence I am not able to customize.

Thank You

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Hello Kevin,

The right click operation works even at the dashboard level. However if you are right clicking directly at the chart, since iFrame is enabled, you are basically clicking on the sub-frame content. Hence you might not be getting those right click functions.

So please hover over the chart and at the top right you will get various options.

Now while your mouse is on top of this then right click and then you will be able to see those right click options.

Thank You
Team Helical