Need Comma separator in Indian Format

Hello Helical Insight,

Using helical insight enterprise edition 4.1 GA. Since our customers are Indian companies, we would like to have number formatting comma seperat in the cards like thousand lakhs crore. Please help with the same.

Thank You,

Hello Jam,

Download file and extact it. You will get HICharts.js file. Replace this file on the above location “…\hi\apache-tomcat-9\webapps\hi-ee\js\vendors” (before replacing do take a backup of the file present here).

After that in the open the card in edit mode, and put this below code at the JSeditor

var widgetText = $("#widget-value")[0].innerHTML
widgetText = widgetText.replace(/(\d)(?=(\d\d)+\d$)/g,"$1,");
$("#widget-value")[0].innerHTML = widgetText

Note : Above code is must to insert in JS Editor at report level and there are no UI driven customization script applied.

Thank You,
Helical Insight.