Markers in map going outside tooltip box

Hello Team Helical,

I am using Helical Insight 4.0 and I have created a map. However the ticks of the same are going very much outside. How can the same be fixed?
Refer to the below image to see how the ticks are appearing. They are going outside the tooltip box.


Thank You

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Hello Lero,

In the CSS editor of the adhoc report that you are creating you can add the below code. Then the chart will appear like the below

caption, th {
text-align: left;
font-weight: 400;
word-break: break-word;
font-size :12px !important
width :300px !important

By further formatting the numbers to display only two values and keeping the column names simpler at your end you can further make it simpler.
Thank You
Team Helical.