Input Text box generating unrequired select distinct query

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I am using Helical Insight 4.0. I have a large dataset and hence I do not want to populate the entire dataset in the filter as it is resource intensive. I am using “Input” type text of dashboard object to which my chart is listening so that my customers can directly put the values into the text box which goes to report filter and shows respective data. However, I have observed that a query is still fired to fetch all the unique values from the database. This might make sense when the input parameter type is checkbox, select or dropdown etc but is ideally not required and defeats the purpose of using “Input” type of field. Please explain the reason this is happening and how it can be prevented.

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When you add the input parameter on the dashboard by clicking on the filter icon on a report and selecting the filter, you will see that there is a section with the “Adhoc Query” that is present.


Even when you change the Type to “Input”, this query remains and is executed every time you use the filter.

In order to avoid this, do not add filter by clicking on the report filter icon and changing it to input box. Rather add the “Input” component from the Objects section of the toolbar.


Now, in the “Set Dashboard Variable” select the filter name that you want to set as end users give the value here “Input”. For example in below image whatever the user types will go into a filter by the name of “Travel Type”


You can see that there is no query here. Hence, there will be no default query that will be sent to the database.

You can use this for large amounts of data or when you have “like” clauses.
With text box it is also ideal that a SUBMIT button is also implemented so that whenever a user types and then clicks on SUBMIT then only it will update the report.