Image on drill down

Hello Helical Insight,
Currently, we are using Helical Insight 4.0 RC2. We have implemented the drill down on cards and table (in the dashboard) which opens the drill down reports.

Similar to what we have done in dashboard, even in the drill down reports also we want the client logo to be present at the top. How can something like that be done? Please note that in the child drill down report we are also using “Display Filter Values” script.

Thank You,

Hello Vema,

This is not something which is very straight forward since you want to add images at report level and not really at dashboard level. If that had been dashboard level drill down that would have been very easy.

First option: is we can make changes in the drill down script so that you can open dashboard also as a drilldown and in the dashboard you can add images etc and this drill down tabular report. For doing this change you can contact us on so that we can make that change and give you.

Second option: Though a below kind of workaround can be done. Since you are using Display Filters, the display filter is having a div created. So via CSS we will give a background image to that div in such a way that it fulfills your requirement.

a. You can create an image which you put the 3 icons like below with white background. Save that image. Now via CSS this image can be made as a background of the displayfilters div. Hence in full screen view mode it will appear similar to how you want.

b. CSS code which can be used is

background-image: url(".........");
width: 100%;

//put the url of the image here in the URL tag and this above CSS code will be put in the CSS editor of the report. Please note in full screen it will appear fine.

Thank You,
Helical Insight.