Hyperlinking objects on a dashboard

After having created a dashboard with various reports (a.k.a objects), is there a mechanism to be taken to another dashboard that has been created separately when any of the objects on the first dashboard is clicked.

I understand this may be possible to do using either the “Drill down” or “Button” functionality, but am not sure how i would achieve the above mentioned results using either one of them.

Hi @hussainac

You can try using html object in Dashboard Designer.
Use code :

"<button type="button"><a href="http://localhost:8085/hi-ee/hi.html?dir=1508823676588/1508927613203&file=8d9fcce0-11eb-4200-bbd5-c9b6ddb80908.efw">Dashboard</a></button>"


  • Path of the dashboard: dir = 1508823676588/1508927613203&file=8d9fcce0-11eb-4200-

With this code you will get the button with hyperlink to the dashboard.