How to use VF in Non iFrame mode

Hello Helical Insight,

I have created a report using VF. However, on the dashboard designer, I am not able to see the report unless I enable iFrame. Further user exepreince is different with user selecting the values from filters or the loading of this specific iframe enabled VF. Is there an option to use VF without enabling iframe?

Thank You,

For using the charts created using VF on the dashboard without using iFrame, follow the below given steps:

  1. Download the file vf.js by extracting it from (1.4 KB) . This step may or may not be required based on the version you are using. but if you are using till any of the 4.0 version it is definitely required.
  2. Replace the file with the same name in the folder and replace it with this new vf.js file downloaded from above step
  3. In your VF file please make sure it has got the below code also. This code you can put towards the end.

if(typeof hi_container == ‘undefined’){
var render_id = containerRefs[chartElement]._values.renderId;

var append_id="#main-"+ render_id;



Once done these specific VF files can be used without even a non iFrame mode also.