How to remove blue band and hamburger icon?

Hi Helical Insight Team,

Using Helical Insight 3.0 version I have created a report and when the report is being viewed in read only mode there is a top blue band which is appearing as well as a hamburger icon on the right side which is appearing. I would like to remove them. How can that be done?

Please refer to the image below where I have highlighted the portions to be removed.

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Hi Gupta,
You can remove both of them please follow the below lines.

  1. Removal of the top blue band
    URL of the report in read mode: http://localhost:8085/hi-ee/hi.html?dir=1556019588926&
    You can see that towards the end there is mode=open, rather than that use mode=dashboard and then the report will open without the top band.

  2. Removal of the blue hamburger icon from the right side:
    In the report edit mode insert the below code in JS editor of that.

Once you have implemented the above the report, in read mode, will look something like this below image.

Thank You
Helical Insight Team.