How to pass large profile values?

Hi Team,

I am using custom token based SSO with Helical Insight application and I am passing profile value as part of encrypted token with more than 300-400 characters. My token is really long as a lot of values are being passed in it.

In that case it is not storing full profile value and giving error. How to increase the limit of characters so that I can pass and store long profile value?


Profile Values are of varchar datatypes and comes by default with 255 capacity. Though you can increase this by following below steps :

→ We are assuming that you are using default derby database to store your user role management. IF this is the case then migrate your user role management from derby to some other relation database like MySQL. Postgres etc. In order to migrate this you can follow below blog as reference :

→ After migrating to other db for example mysql. Make connection of your user role management db to some db client like dbvisualizer, HeidinSQL etc.

→ You will see table called profile in your user role db

→ Within this table, you will see columns profile_name and profile_value with VARCHAR(255)

→ Update data types from VARCHAR(255) to let us say VARCHAR(10000)

Restart the Helical Insight application.

After following above steps, you will be able to save/store very long profile value.

Thank you,
Helical Insight.