How to implement percentage in Bar chart

Hello Helical Insight Team,

I am using helical insight enterprise edition 5.1 GA. I would like to implement percentage in bar chart y axis. How to do that?


To implement percentages in a bar chart, follow these steps:
Step 1 :

  1. Select the required measure and dimension to create the bar chart.
  2. Click on the “more charts” visualization option.
  3. Add a measure to the color marks. This measure will be used to show the percentage.


Step2 : Configure Bar Properties

  1. Go to the chart properties.
  2. Select the bar property and change its type to “percentage.” (note that this works only for charts and not grid chart)
  3. Click “Apply.” You should see the Y-axis labels change accordingly.


Step3 : Adjust Axis Properties

  1. In the properties, go to the axis settings.
  2. In the axis drop down, select the measure column.
  3. Set the min value to 0 and the max value to 100.
  4. Click “Apply” For example, if you are using sum_travel_cost, ensure it is selected in the axis settings.


Step 4 : Format the Chart

In the properties, select the format option.
Follow these points:
Select the measure field in the field dropdown (e.g., sum_travel_cost).
Toggle the percentage option on.
Apply this setting to Pane, Axis, Tooltip, and Actions.
Click “Apply.”


Step 5 :
Drag the measure field to the label field in the marks and generate the chart.
By following these steps, you will observe that the bar chart now displays percentages.


Thank you,
Helical Insight.