How to Create Grouped Line Chart Instead of Grouped Bar Chart?

Hello Helical Team,
I have been using your application for creating reports and charts, I would like to create a grouped line chart instead of creating grouped bar chart which is in visualizations.

Thank You,

Hello Patrick,

In order to create grouped line chart report, you have to follow certain steps which are below.

Prerequisite :

  1. Login into Helical Insight application
  2. Create datasource and on top of that datasource create metadata by selecting required tables and columns

Steps in order to achieve your requirement :

  1. Click on “Reports” tab in order to open adhoc interface
  2. Click on “Connect to Metadata” button in order to connect to metadata which you have created.
  3. Once you will connect to metadata, you will able to see all tables/columns which are part of your metadata selection.
  4. Now drag and drop columns in order to generate report.
    Note : Follow this order while dragging columns. First drag date column, then name column and at last price column
  5. Now click on Generate to view the data rows of your selected columns
  6. Now search for “Grouped Bar” visualization.
  7. This will generate multibar chart of your data.
  8. In order to make this multi bar into multi line, Click on “EDITOR” tab
  9. First option is JS Editor.
  10. Paste below lines of code in the editor :
  1. Once you place the code click on “Inject”. This will apply your script
  2. Now again generate the report

Hope this helped you.