Hello HI Team,
I am using Helical Insight 4.0. I have set up a reverse proxy ( http://abcd.io/abc-dev/ ).But the helical scripts are getting blocked with error ( Cross-origin request blocked : The same origin policy disallows reading the remote resource at ( http://localhost:8085/abc-dev/services.html?v=1238545 ) . Can you help me with this ?

Thank you!

Here the resources are trying to load from local host, so it is not loading since it cannot find . Follow the below steps :

  1. Go to setting.xml located at “……hi-repository>System>Admin”
  2. Over there change the base URL tag , at line no 7 it is mentioned. Change it, and then restart.
  3. When this is done ideally the URL will be like : http://abcd.io/abc-dev/hi.html

Thank you for reaching out to us!