Helical Insight not displaying Decimal Values

Hello Team HI,

I have data like 23.23, 24.321, 75.000, 12.124 etc. in a tabular report. When I round off to 2 digits, 75.000 shows as 75 and not 75.00. How can I make it show 75.00?

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Hello Tarun,

This is the default behavior of table or cross-tab, it will skip ending zeros(insignificance) of decimal value. In a similar way if there are staring zeros also it will be skipped.
2.000 will be shown as 2
0002 will be shown as 2

0023.2300 will be shown as 23.23

This default behavior of table and charts allows it to use the space in a more effective way without really

If you would still want to show ending zeros as well then we need to cast datatype to String.
Please refer the below screenshot


Thank You
Team Helical Insight