Helical Insight 5.0 Left-Align Card widget text


I am using Helical Insight version 5.0 GIT 830 and preparing some single value cards on dashboard. The cards values are always center-aligned, is there a way to change it to left align?



Yes as per visualization default settings it is center aligned single value measure. However, if you want it to be left aligned you can apply the CSS to do so. Below example we are covering ho it can be done.

Right click on the dashboard designer background, go to advanced and go to CSS. Enable it and apply below CSS.

  text-align: left !important;

Further, you can control the margin from left side with the following CSS.

.ant-col-offset-6 {
    margin-left: 3px !important;


Now you can see that the cards are left aligned.

Thank You,
Helical Insight.